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Busy busy

Work — in general, I think, not just with wind farms — comes and goes in peaks and troughs. You get quiet weeks, where you can just putter on doing whatever it is you do. Sometimes you get almost to the end of your to-do list and wonder what you’ll do then! This week is not one of those weeks; not for me, anyway. I’ve been out at meetings a day and a half, this week, I’ve got management visiting from Down South, and New Starts needing training and support, and on top of all this I’ve got a list of things to Sort Out and three ongoing analysis tasks.

I come home pretty tired with all that, and I don’t have a lot of spare energy for blogging or twittering at present.

Still, I do keep thinking one thing, and that’s about our approach to choosing a career. When I was at school, they asked what subjects you liked and were best at and then advised accordingly. Like English? Try teaching or writing. Chemistry? Become a forensic scientist. I am increasingly starting to feel that a better approach would be to ask what sort of tasks would make up a typical day, and work from there. Want independence? Freelance writing, or run your own business. Like solving problems? Engineering or science. Want an office job? Get good computer skills. Want to work outdoors? How about environmental science, zoo-keeping, gardening or building?

I’ve often wondered if that’s a better way to choose a career.


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I’m not really a climate scientist (a physicist, since you ask), and all this talk of apocalyptic doom is a bit depressing. So here are some interesting things:

In my end of the woods, I’ve been doing some really time consuming and exhausting analysis work. It requires creativity, focus and technical knowledge, and came packaged with loads of data to go through and a tight deadline. Said deadline is tomorrow, but as it’s someone else’s job to check the numbers I’ve already worked out I feel like the pressure is off me a little now. Perhaps when it eases I’ll be seen back on twitter on occasion (@turbinetastic).

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